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For those who want their sites to become more automated and dynamic, PHP may be the right choice because it works so well with a mySQL database system. The advantage of this type of hosting is that it allows you to run on either a Windows or a UNIX server in addition to providing more reliability, speed and advanced applications that work seamlessly in this environment. Many websites take advantage of the smooth marriage between PHP and mySQL databases to create ecommerce applications.

PHP hosting has become extremely popular with the implementation of ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites require custom database setups filled with fields of information and columns. PHP is able to pull out exactly the pieces of information from mySQL databases with the use of its simple and flexible commands. The community of PHP users is both large and dedicated, providing you with plenty resources to get feedback and technical support from others who've experienced similar problems to the ones that you will have. In terms of value, flexibility, and large-scale and implementation, you will be hard-pressed to find a better host than one that hosts some form of PHP. For e-commerce sites, users will find key features such as SSL certificates and unlimited databases that run shopping cart functions.

One of the advantages of using PHP is that it has many features that can be easily incorporated into today's dynamic websites, including easy output of PDF files, flash video incorporation, and manipulation of images. PHP also makes it easy to deal with cookies so that certain amounts of user information can be used to provide a better browsing experience. The ability to save small bits of data via a server-side cache and simple tags are just a few of the convenience factors of using PHP.

Another factor that is key to the growth in popularity of PHP's acceptance are the user-friendly benefits that it provides. This makes the PHP hosting platform so well-liked for beginners. For experienced programmers, the flexibility is unmatched, while at the same time, beginners don't have a large hill to climb to start coding simple applications. One of the things you want to look out for with your PHP host is that they have the latest versions of PHP running on their servers. Currently, your PHP host should not be running PHP that is older than version 5.x. lastly, the PHP platform is open source, meaning that it is constantly evolving and improving, and it's the best kind of cheap - free.